Caroline Renouf Celebrates two years at CIB

It’s been an interesting 2 years, especially 2020 with all of it’s unpredictabilities! How have you found being a part of CIB?

It has been a crazy 24 months! In my personal life, I have had a baby and three months maternity leave, and my daughter is now 17 months old! I have also planned my wedding which is now 5 weeks away.

It is a cliché but at CIB, we are a family, working from home during the lockdown, was so well organised by our management team, even though we were apart, we were still very much one big happy team. I found it all very scary, with all the uncertainty and it was great to know we could always rely on each other.

Tell us a bit about your role within the team and what it entails…

I work in the Commercial Team as Commercial Administration Coordinator. Our team`s job is to process the renewals and policy changes, process incoming post and to assist the clients and brokers when needed. I am a trained broker, but I much prefer being in an administration role.

What is your favourite part of your career?

I like the fact that although two days are never the same, there is consistency and momentum as we work to a renewal list. I like structure! I like dealing with clients and being there to help whenever I can. During the 18 years in my previous role, I built up some great working relationships and I look forward to replicating this at CIB.

How has Covid affected what you do and do you think the industry will continue to evolve in light of everything that’s happening around the world this year?

The biggest change to my job is the removal of Travel Insurance Claims for Group Policies, people are unable to travel for a brief meeting without impact of isolation and will carry out most meetings with the use of technology. I for one prefer the personal approach “in person” and would hope that when this craziness is over, we have UK meetings and seminars once again. The industry will always evolve to the current situation whether that be Brexit or a Global Pandemic.

What do you think sets the team at CIB apart as the Channel Islands go-to insurance broker?

The people! We have so many years insurance and insurance broking experience in this office. Whilst being local, we have an obvious link to our parent company, PIB. This gives us both the benefit of understanding the local market but having the benefits of being part of a larger corporation, giving us access to wider markets and other expertise.

Your one piece of advice for those looking for a career in insurance…

I have worked Full Time in Insurance since I was 16, so that makes it a total of 25 years!!! I would advise getting qualified whilst you are young. Back in 1997, I was one of the youngest people in the UK and the youngest in the Channel Islands to get the original Certificate of Proficiency., Doing the exams close to school age was so much easier for me.

Give us your favourite life quote to end on…

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” – Dalai Lama