Stay Healthy During Lockdown

Taking care of yourselves physically and mentally during this challenging period of lockdown is important. You may experience a mixture of emotions from worry to restlessness, boredom, loneliness and more – it can be overwhelming.

This pandemic has brought our local Channel Island communities together in powerful ways, but there are many people who may still have slipped through the cracks, so whilst it’s important to look after ourselves, let’s also continue to look after one another.

Staying active can help to support positive mental health. Here are some great suggestions from The States of Guernsey:

    • Stay in touch with loved ones, friends and colleagues
    • Enjoy hobbies
    • Learn something new
    • Go for a walk outside in the fresh air (unless you are self-isolating) or try a home workout – Please do not leave your accommodation if you are self-isolating
    • Try not to be glued to the news
    • Think about how you can adapt your daily routine and set new goals
    • Borrow an e-book from the Guille-Allès Library’s online selection or take advantage of their home delivery service for those who are shielding or self-isolating here
    • Learn how to meditate
    • Listen to a new podcast such as “Feel better, live more” with Dr Rangan ChaRerjee, “Happy Place” with Fearne Cotton, Bryony Gordon’s “Mad World” or perhaps the TED Radio Hour Podcast
    • Experiment in the kitchen with some new recipes
    • Challenge yourself with a sudoku
    • Pick up an instrument or new craft to help focus your mind and pass the time
    • Try a free online course from Future Learn.

The Guernsey Mind team have adapted their services to help us all reconnect and support each other’s wellbeing. If you need someone to talk to or are worried about someone you know, call the team on 722959 or email They have some amazing online services and resources that are a huge benefit to everyone!

Visit the States of Guernsey’s dedicated page for more ideas and links to support you during lockdown and if you are self-isolating.