Our Office Manager, Cathy Lillington, celebrates 3 years at CIB

Time flies! It’s been three years since Cathy Lillington joined our team, and she does a fantastic job as our Office Manager. But what’s it like working in the role of Office Manager? Especially as an Office Manager who hasn’t been in the office for nearly 2 months!? We caught up with Cathy over Zoom…

Cathy, three years at CIB – how have you found being part of the team?

It’s great to work with such a hard working group and have a chance to get to know everyone. It’s a very busy office so there is always something going on.

The current Coronavirus crisis has forced us into very strange times! How have you been adjusting to stay productive? 

Like many other people working from home I do struggle to stay focused as my role is primarily office based and  involves face to face interaction with staff. I have been able to set up a dedicated workspace which has enabled me to work my usual hours and ensure I take regular breaks.

I do miss the office banter though, some of my colleagues are hilarious!!

Have you always worked as an Office Manager?

No, I started at CIB in a different role, which then expanded. I have been the Office Manager for nearly 2 years and before that I was a nanny/nursery nurse, receptionist, secretary, PA & EA. I still feel as if my current role includes all of those roles and the experience I gained from each one helps me all the time, especially my experience as a nanny!

We’re aware of your role being quite varied to say the least! What does your job entail?

My role is varied which is perfect for me. I am the main liaison for HR, marketing, IT, office facilities, health & safety, I am the Company Secretary, PA to the Board of Directors, Fire Marshal and a qualified Mental Health First Aider. Although I have learned a lot about insurance during my time with CIB I leave that all to the brokers.

Can you offer any advice for someone starting out as an Office Manager?

Learn what you can when you have the opportunity, from taking a Mental Health course to learning about IT, communication, project planning and time management. It is extremely helpful to have a wide variety of skills and experience.