Jorden Toms celebrates one year at CIB

A photograph of Jorden Toms.

As far as first years go in a new job, it’s certainly been interesting and dare we say it ‘unprecedented’.  Tell us how you’ve found it from your perspective?

Summarise your role at CIB…

My role started off mainly on the Healthcare side of the company and learning this as it was not something that I had done before. I now deal with a mix of Healthcare, Commercial and Private Clients.

A photograph of Jorden Toms.Career-wise what is your favourite part of your job?

I would have to say the favourite part of my job has to be speaking with different people within the different departments I work in. Sometimes I will be speaking with a client for a personal medical claim, next, I’m looking into a property owners policy.

How has COVID 19 affected both your role and in your opinion, the insurance industry?

As I joined CIB a week and a half before lockdown last year, I did find it hard to start a new job whilst working from home. I was lucky in the fact that I have worked with most of my colleagues already, so I do feel like I settled in very quickly, despite only speaking with them over Zoom! I haven’t really seen a huge effect on the industry. We have had more and more clients asking for private medical cover and this may be because people are thinking more about their health than ever before!

What do you think sets the team at CIB apart as the Channel Islands go-to insurance broker?

The team here at CIB are so close, we are all like a family and I think with the mix of age, experience and knowledge we work together perfectly as someone will always have the answer to your question This mean s that we can get things done correctly and efficiently!

If you could offer one piece of advice for those looking for a career in insurance, what would it be?

Go for it! To be honest, I don’t think insurance is something you choose to do; most people tend to fall into it and stay in it as they don’t really know what to expect. I have worked in insurance for nearly 11 years and can’t see myself doing anything else. We’ve all been presented with challenges over the last year.

Give us your favourite life quote to end on…

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.