A Day in The Mind of Carla – Part 2

I started working at a young age in a charming corner shop. The owner of the shop was extremely honest with his interactions showing genuine interest in the lives of others. I realised quite quickly that the stories and experiences of others can help shape you if you are willing to listen. I learnt that it didn’t matter whether you spent 10 seconds with a customer or 10 minutes, how much that person spent was not important, what was important was the relationship you created with the customer in those few seconds or minutes and the impression you made.

Part of my job is creating trusting, lasting relationships with my clients (this isn’t difficult to do when all your clients are epic in their own way). Getting to know someone, how they work, their personality, what their hobbies are outside of work, is probably my favourite part of the position I’m in. I’m a people person, I like people, all people. When taking on new groups it’s always really important for us to meet who we will be working with on a daily basis or our regular contact.

The person we speak with regularly needs to know they can call us whenever they like with any query, no matter how big or small, and trust that we will be able to deliver. This relationship and trust can be built by email or phone, but I love to see a person’s reaction when I’m able to deliver something for them that their previous broker couldn’t. I like making sure people are comfortable with me, so that if they do need to call or meet for a difficult conversation, they feel like they can do so without nerves, anxiety or reservations. We genuinely want to make life easier for you and we can’t do that without being able to discuss any topic openly.

Any of our clients will confirm that we encourage our regular contact to give out our contact information to their employees. Initially this is usually met with a confused face and ‘really?’ or ‘are you sure?’… yes yes yes! We are completely sure. We’re here to make your life easier, if your employees need help with a claim or have a query, lets not waste your precious time. This is my job, I enjoy being able to help people, it gives me that feel good factor. Plus it means I can create another relationship, and as I said previously, that’s the best part of my job 🙂