Take Care Of Your Mental Health This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s not long until festivities are in full swing. Whilst it’s a favourite time of year for many, for others it can trigger emotions like anxiety, loneliness, depression and more. Christmas can be the catalyst of poor mental health.

Things can spiral out of control with office parties, endless planning and shopping for food supplies and gifts for the family, financial burdens and the never-ending challenge of a healthy diet whilst trying to find time for exercise and some ‘me time’.

It can certainly become overwhelming, and so our team have put together some Christmas tips to help support your mental health during the festive season.

“Mind found that 1 in 10 people feel unable to cope with this time of the year and that’s just from the people they have been in contact with. With a population of over 66.5 million in England, that statistic means that over 6.65 million people potentially feel unable to cope with this time of the year. So whilst Christmas can be a magical time for many, it can also be a really stressful time for many others.” Time To Change


One of the hardest things to commit to, but ensuring your mind and body get the rest you need is critical, including a good nights sleep! Taking care of yourself keeps your mind as positive as possible.

Food & drink

Christmas treats! Another enjoyable element of festivities, but one that can really hinder your mental and physical health if not balanced with healthy food and hydration.

Colds and flus

This time of year is rampant with sniffly coughs and colds that spread like wildfire. Again, stay hydrated with lots of water and things like lemon, ginger and honey, and definitely eat well.


Although the restrictions in the Bailiwick have eased, there are still people who have chosen to stay at home more than before or are more vulnerable. In addition, there may be a need to self-isolate if you have recently arrived in Guernsey or have COVID-19 symptoms. Here is some advice from the States of Guernsey to keep you well during your time at home: https://covid19.gov.gg/support/mental-health

Realistic expectations

Don’t let unnecessary pressures put a heavy weight on your shoulders. Comparisons with other families and friends are a no go! Do what you can to simply relax, get some rest, and share the holiday season with whoever are the most important people in your life.

Me Time

Put aside some time just for you. This isn’t selfish, in fact it only helps to ensure you’re energised when you’re with others. What do you enjoy? Give yourself those opportunities! And don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to avoid being overwhelmed with busyness.

Connect with the people that matter

Be with your family. Maybe you don’t have family or family relations are distant or strained? Reach out to your closest friends and colleagues, and look at what’s going on in the community that you could get involved with. Maybe you don’t like Crowds? Take the opportunity to spend time in peace, with or without those you are closest to, and do whatever it is that relaxes you whether that’s reading, meditating, artwork, a movie or whatever else it is that settles your mind.

“Anxiety and loneliness are most prevalent among people who are aged from 25 to 34, at between 31% and 40%. People who are out of work also struggle more than other groups: 47% say they’ve felt stressed, 42% depressed and 39% anxious.” YouGov

We hope that this helps in some way to ensure your Christmas experience is enjoyable despite 2020 being a hugely challenging year for many!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.