Senior Insurance Broker, Mark Le Tissier, speaks of Guernsey Football Club and the season ahead

The 2019/20 league season has begun! How’s it all going in the GFC camp?

The numbers and quality at training is very encouraging and there is a real optimism about the season ahead.

A little birdie tells us you got involved with the first pre season session?

Indeed I did, this was to produce a promotional video for a new community project called “Football Fans in Training” being delivered by the clubs coaches. This is a 12 week course aimed at the clubs supporters who meet certain criteria and is designed to encourage them to lose weight by changing their lifestyle and to live healthier and more active lives. When this was presented to me I realised that this was really aimed at me so was the first person to sign up for it!

Is there anything new to expect in the coming season?

We can expect to see some more young players getting an opportunity to play for GFC and with the return of Ross Allen and the maturity of the current squad coming through we expect our results to improve.

Can the fans expect any new signings?

We have been able to secure the signature of Callum Stanton again this season which is a big boost for the squad, Callum has been fantastic for us in goal in the last couple of seasons. We have also resigned Harry Tobin who has now relocated to the UK with his work but has committed to travel to Guernsey for our home games as well as being available for the away fixtures.

Tell us about your involvement with GFC?

I was one of the founder members of the club in 2011 and was the Club Football Secretary and General Manager and then in 2018 the board decided that that wasn’t enough of a work load and I was made Chairman of the club as well! It is fair to say that I am involved quite heavily in the running of the club however, one area I don’t get involved in is the playing side. Obviously Tony Vance and I talk about things all the time but I don’t give him my opinion unless he asks me for it, I believe this is how it should be.

That must take up a lot of your time outside of your role at CIB – is that tricky to manage?

CIB have been extremely supportive and patient of my commitment to GFC and allowed me to go part time a few years ago which has helped me to manage my time much better.

What’s your role at CIB?

I have been at CIB for 10 years now and I am a Senior Insurance Broker dealing with all aspects of general insurance for private and commercial clients.

Could you offer any advice for aspiring young footballers looking to break into the GFC setup?

What I would say is work hard at your club, make sure you make yourself available to play or train as often as possible, watch, listen and learn from those good influences around you and get down to Footes Lane to watch the Green Lions as often as you can.