Let’s talk Healthcare!

We’re (remotely) celebrating the 3 year work anniversaries of both our Director, Gareth Le Page, and Healthcare Coordinator, Carla Tanguy.

As Gareth and Carla together form part of our Healthcare team, we briefly caught up with them both on Zoom to find out more about their roles and why they matter…

What is your work history?

Carla: My work life started in a small corner shop at a young age. After 6 decided to take the leap and started working in cosmetics, I can tell you now that job was not about just putting make up on faces. I took multiple exams and learnt more about people in this role than ever before. I started working in insurance 5 years ago. At first I had very little responsibility, but I knew I loved a challenge and have the ability to help people and this is what led me to CIB 3 years ago.

Gareth: I started my insurance career in 2003, working for a captive insurance manager, and have since held roles in commercial and personal underwriting, and broker development.

What is your favourite part of the role?

Carla: Without a doubt my favourite part about my role is making my clients lives easier, whether that is reducing their time spent on task I can do or getting a member through a difficult claim.

Gareth: Providing peace of mind! It is unfortunate, but when clients really need our help and expertise, it is more than likely because they are going through an upsetting time because of medical problems. If I can help them through that, it makes it all worthwhile.

Why do you enjoy helping people with their healthcare?

Carla: I enjoy being able to help people. I like knowing that I’m being trusted with a task and that I will make sure it’s done to perfection. When it comes to helping someone with a difficult claim and I’m able to make a difference for someone in their darkest time, there is no feeling like it!

Gareth: Healthcare is a completely different type of insurance to the usual commercial policies, and whilst you may have one business as a client, you are making a difference to all of their staff, and sometimes, their partners and children too.

Tell us about the relationship you have with your clients?

Carla: Our clients are amazing. When we first take on new clients, we make it very clear that we are hands on and will be there when they need us (sometimes even if they don’t need us). The first time that client calls and apologises for asking a question and we put them at ease because that is what we are here to do, a trust develops. From that trust become a great working relationship.

Gareth: We work with some fantastic clients, and from a wide range of business types. We like to take the time to really get to know our clients so that we can work together as closely as possible. Only when we really understand what our clients are about, can we really work for them effectively.

How do you feel about working at CIB?

Carla: CIB is packed with knowledge, I can quite literally learn 10 new things a day! Not only is everyone an expert at what they do they are also full of empathy which in what can be considered a cold industry is invaluable. I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of the CIB family.

Gareth: CIB is a great place to work and has a real team spirit that you don’t see in many places. The company has seen some big changes and challenges, and everyone comes out happy and stronger.