Helping you answer your insurance questions during a pandemic

Does our insurance cover us for working from home?
Many business policies will extend cover to employees working from home, but it is important to check that where this cover is in place, it also covers any business equipment at the home that would usually be kept in the office. Not all insurers automatically cover equipment away from the office. Employers should also bear in mind that risk assessments should be carried out for home workers.

Will there be any delays or interruptions to our insurance cover due to the current lockdown?
Insurers and brokers should have continuity plans in place to allow them to continue trading even though they can’t get into the office. It is possible that some delays may be experienced whilst people adjust to these circumstances, but at CIB we regularly practice for this sort of scenario so our clients should not notice any difference.

How do we manage Display Screen Equipment at home to avoid employer’s liability claims?

For full details on how to manage DSE at home click on the following links:

How do I get an exemption from HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Engineering Inspection for machinery and/or plant?

At the moment due to the problems that have arisen with the local lockdown, restricted visits, Social Distancing and only essential travel being allowed, it is not possible for inspections to take place when they become due.
Under the current circumstances, it is best for clients to apply for an exemption certificate from HSE Guernsey until they are able to travel to undertake the inspections, thereby avoiding any regulatory problems that could arise.

Exemption application process.

Here is the detail of how to apply for an exemption, from the States:-

An application must be made online by emailing and providing:

  • the detail of the equipment or installation for which the exemption is sought;
  • the location of such equipment, and whether it is fixed or mobile (for lifting equipment);
  • the reason why it cannot be thoroughly examined, tested or inspected, as the case may be;
  • evidence of the last thorough examination, testing or inspections showing the expiry date;
  • evidence that the equipment is currently maintained in a safe condition and good working order.

Please note: You should also attach the invoices from the repairer you instructed to undertake any rectification of defects highlighted in the last report. If these have not been dealt an exemption may not be issued by HSE

What do I need to do from an insurance point of view if I own a property that is currently unoccupied?

Where you are unable to attend your premises and they are left empty during the lockdown, you should check your policy wording to see what time limit the insurer will allow before it restricts cover. These periods typically range from 30 to 90 days. If the property is empty in excess of this limit, you will need to notify your broker/insurer and may need to carry out weekly visits to inspect the property and turn off mains supplies. Every policy is different, so always check with your insurer or broker.