A Day In The Mind Of Carla

How can I make your day easier? What else can I do to ease your work load? Can I take on that responsibility for you?

My aim is to reduce the amount of time people spend on administering and managing a healthcare, dental or wellbeing plan. For some brokers it is their job to help when asked. For me, it is a privilege to take on this workload and I will continually ask if there’s more I can do to help. I’m honoured when people trust in the work that I do and make every effort to ensure what they receive is perfection.

If a claim doesn’t go your way or you are struggling to comprehend what an insurer is telling you, call me, email me, pop into the office. I want what is best for you and may be able to help with negotiations. I like to push boundaries, so even if a claim is declined, let’s talk about it; who knows what could happen!

I will always greet you with a smile (it’s contagious), but I’m also a realist not an optimist. I don’t like to sell based on what people want to hear, I like facts, figures, statistics and truths. I genuinely want to help, I’m not just saying it or typing it to fill out a conversation or in an attempt to make you like me (although if that works, I’m good with it).

As I’m sure you’ve already gathered, I’m a perfectionist and also a bit of an organisational freak – my OCD is your peace of mind. I believe you should treat others how you would like to be treated; with respect, honestly and openness. No question is too big or too small, you are probably far too busy to be spending hours of your day with your head in a policy wording to answer a question an employee has asked you about the repatriation section of the policy ‘just in case’. That’s what I’m employed to do, and guess what… I love it!

You should always feel valued, special and important.

So, can I help you?