5 reasons why household insurance is important

Properties are huge investments! Here are 5 reasons why household insurance is a must.

1. Financial protection

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Homes are damaged and sadly possessions are lost or stolen. You can protect yourselves and have these types of costs covered through our household insurance.

2. Getting a mortgage

When buying a property, the lender will require you to have buildings insurance; that’s their security in the loan deal should the property be damaged.

3. Alternative accommodation

It’s unfortunate, but properties can fall victim to fires, floods, major leaks and other causes that make a building uninhabitable. Through our household insurance product we can provide you and your family with somewhere safe to stay whilst repairs are carried out.

4. Cover against accidents

Accidents happen! Hammering nails through hidden pipes or spilling wine on a new carpet are unpleasant experience, but through household insurance your policy could pay out for replacements and repairs.

5. New for old

Possessions in general are worth less as they age. In the event of an irreversible breakage you’d ideally want a new version as a replacement. Our household insurance can allow for exactly that! You get a new replacement if something old is lost or damaged.

Choosing Household insurance with CIB

Household insurance is a general term used to describe two types of insurance – buildings and contents.

You can work with us and purchase these separately or as a combined policy.

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