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Motor Insurance! Something that nobody wants but, as an owner and driver of a vehicle, you are legally obliged to have.

It probably seems like there isn’t much to it – to drive legally, you need insurance. To have peace of mind against repair costs for damage you cause to your own vehicle, you need more than the legally required minimum insurance. That’s all very true, and important, but there is in fact more to it; at least with us at CIB there is!

Our Managing Director Tony explains

“Motor insurance is something that many people pay very little attention to, and just want to get sorted quickly with many people taking to online offerings to speed the process up. There are some benefits to buying motor insurance online – you can do it at a time that is convenient for you, the lower overheads associated with online distribution channels mean that your premium may be less, and you get your policy documents almost instantly.

But there is a downside. An online platform doesn’t give advice and you can soon find yourself stuck with a policy that doesn’t do quite what you thought it did. It may also only offer one insurance provider, limiting your options. It also takes a lot of time to read through the policy wording to find the answers to your questions, and even then, can you be sure you understand what the insurer means in that wording?

At CIB, our team are able to discuss your requirements, and can answer any questions you have about a policy you either already have, or are thinking of purchasing. We have a range of insurers and can recommend the one that best suits your needs.

Not all policies are equal, and you may find that whilst one may cost a little more than the other, the benefits it gives are worth the money. For instance, many insurers are removing a useful cover from motor insurance that could have been removed from your own policy without you realising. The “driving other cars” extension is useful if you have to drive someone else’s car in an emergency. Whilst many insurers are removing this useful cover, CIB are able to provide it not only to the named policyholder, but also to their spouse.

Other benefits can include your spouse / children earning their own no claims bonus if they are named on the policy, guaranteed repair work when using approved repairers, and the ability to issue all documents instantly.

Unlike a computer screen, our team will take the time to understand your needs and make sure all of your questions are answered.”

Are you interested in talking to our friendly team about your motor insurance policy? We’d love to hear from you and can offer a quote whenever you need.

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